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Top 10 Risks to a Configuration Project and How to Avoid Them
Companies producing and selling complex and configured products can achieve a major competitive edge by successfully implementing product configurator software

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Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solutions (sometimes known as quote-to-order, or Q2O, systems) help drive sales effectiveness by supporting configuration and pricing activities and the generat...
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Documents related to » configuration tools configurable product

Product Configurators Pave the Way for Mass Customization
'Mass customization' is the buzzword of the current decade. Customers demand products with lower prices, higher quality and faster delivery; yet they also want

configuration tools configurable product  terms of its reusability Configuration engine reusable Interference engine reusable Not reusable Able to support different products Able to support different products Need to be written for each product Modeling efforts Low High N/A Models reflect product constraints involving engineering parameters Difficult to extract rules; requires expertise of knowledge engineers Maintenance Relatively easy Hard Hard Need only to modify product's properties and associated constraints Need to modify rules and test Read More
The Best-kept Secret in the Product Lifecycle Management Mid-market
The name Omnify Software may hardly come to mind when one thinks of the product lifecycle management (PLM) leaders, but that might change down the track

configuration tools configurable product  EMA’s press release : Configuration Management. OEMs need to manage data related to all aspects of their products including electrical, mechanical, and software or firmware items. Due to the level of change and product configurability associated with RoHS compliance, companies need to be able to access and control revisions to all items throughout the entire product structure. EMA's EDM solution now encompasses managing data and controlling revision levels on the customer's entire product. BOM Read More
Mastering Global Product Development for Business Advantage
Today’s businesses are operating in a global marketplace. Not only are customers and competitors located worldwide, but employees, suppliers, contractors, and

configuration tools configurable product  of GPD | Product Configuration | Technology Product Development | Product Development pdf | Collaborative Global Product Development | Portfolio Management | Integrated Product Development | Product Development Planning | GPD Environment | Product Development Manufacturing | New Product Development Strategy | Rapid Product Development | Product Development Analysis | Product Velopment Approach | Product Devlopment | Product Development Consultants | Managing Lifecycle of a Product | Enhancing Product Read More
Business Agility for Communication Service Providers: A Few Simple Steps Are a Great Way to Start
In today’s market, customers have no patience for companies that let their size and complex product lines slow them down. The challenge for communication

configuration tools configurable product  Sales Configuration Applications Sales configuration modeling tools have evolved significantly in the past decade. Early configurators required programmers or developers to create models by writing code and rules that could be interpreted by the configuration engine. IT involvement was imperative, which reduced a company's agility and increased costs by moving processes further away from the customer. Companies believed the development costs and loss of agility would be acceptable tradeoffs once the Read More
Product Information Management (PIM) RFI/RFP Template
Integration with Back-Office Systems, Product Information Repository, Data Distribution and Synchronization, Employee Productivity, Application Technology

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Vendor Feels the Heat in Hot Product Lifecycle Management Market
The product lifecycle management (PLM) market is expected to experience double digit growth through 2008, driven by market dynamics like outsourcing and global

configuration tools configurable product  Feels the Heat in Hot Product Lifecycle Management Market Background Market dynamics, such as globalization, outsourcing, and emerging web collaboration technologies and practices, are driving prospects and investors alike to take a closer look at the product lifecycle management (PLM) market and vendor landscape. The PLM market is currently held in high esteem by the analyst community, with projections of double digit growth over the foreseeable future. ARC Group recently predicted that the Read More
Stream-Based Architecture of Software Configuration Management (SCM)
Most software configuration management (SCM) systems rely on metadata annotations to support basic system operations, such as computing the contents of software

configuration tools configurable product  Based Architecture of Software Configuration Management (SCM) Most software configuration management (SCM) systems rely on metadata annotations to support basic system operations, such as computing the contents of software configurations. With AccuRev, configurations are first-class objects called streams, whose contents aren't defined in terms of metadata annotations at all. AccuRev relies on the chronology of SCM operations, enabling users to leverage the incremental nature of the process. Read More
Siemens Product Development Solutions for Process Industries
Process manufacturing companies have traditionally been slow to adopt product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, mostly because they have not had many

configuration tools configurable product  mentioned previously—they contain rules, configurations, workflows and reports for ERP integration, electronic work instructions, defect management, etc. To summarize: at its core, SIMATIC IT has the SIMATIC IT Production Suite, which is a bridge between PLM and control systems, which can be used with SIMATIC R&D Suite for PLM-related aspects of formulated product manufacturing (formula/recipe design and development), the SIMATIC IT Intelligence Suite for manufacturing data collection, monitoring and Read More
Gaining Competitive Advantage through Global Product Development
Product development is a mission-critical process. And it can also be very expensive. But thanks to modern computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided

configuration tools configurable product  improved engineering change and configuration management processes, as well as improved collaborative development capabilities that could be further extended either into customer-facing operations, or upstream into the company's supply chain. Other benefits of globalization that might prove important include access to significantly greater human resources capacity to fuel growth initiatives, improved local market presence in developing markets, further dismantling of the wall between engineering and manuf Read More
The Product Portfolio Management Benchmark Report: Achieving Maximum Product Value
Products may fail to meet expectations for many reasons—most of which are self-inflicted wounds (such as unclear product definitions) by the company bringing

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Comprehensive RFI/RFP Template
ore PLM for both discrete and process industries (Engineering Change Management, Data Vaulting, BOM Management, Recipe Management, Product Cost Estimation, etc.

configuration tools configurable product   Read More
The Myths and Realities of Product Development and Outsourcing
Recent years have shown a dramatic boom in outsourced product development, and it seems most companies are changing and adapting this practice. However

configuration tools configurable product  product development outsourcing,product software development,software product engineering services,knowledge process outsourcing,outsourced business developmentengineering product development,r&d product development,practicing outsourcing Read More
NuViewHR Product Suite 4.15 SP 2 Gets Certified
Nuview Systems recently updated the request for information (RFI) to reflect the changes to the level of support to the latest version of its product NuViewHR

configuration tools configurable product  Product Suite 4.15 SP 2 Gets Certified Nuview Systems recently updated the request for information (RFI) to reflect the changes to the level of support to the latest version of its product NuViewHR Product Suite 4.15 SP 2. Following an onsite demonstration and product overview by NuView Systems’ director of sales engineering, David Park, and vice president of sales, Lloyd Lambert, I am pleased to announce that NuViewHR Product Suite 4.15 SP 2 is TEC Certified for human resources (HR) functionalit Read More
Thriving in Crisis: How to Effectively Manage a Product Recall through IT
Though product recalls are never desired, they do happen. Your company’s response can make the difference between being the role model and losing market share

configuration tools configurable product  product recall,supply chain,global supply chain,erp,erp software,supply chain management,enterprise resource planning,supply chain logistics,recalls,crisis management,consumer product recalls,food recalls,baby product recalls,recalls on vehicles,fda recalls Read More

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