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The Best-kept Secret in the Product Lifecycle Management Mid-market
The name Omnify Software may hardly come to mind when one thinks of the product lifecycle management (PLM) leaders, but that might change down the track

configuration best practices configurable product  EMA’s press release : Configuration Management. OEMs need to manage data related to all aspects of their products including electrical, mechanical, and software or firmware items. Due to the level of change and product configurability associated with RoHS compliance, companies need to be able to access and control revisions to all items throughout the entire product structure. EMA's EDM solution now encompasses managing data and controlling revision levels on the customer's entire product. BOM Read More
Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solutions (sometimes known as quote-to-order, or Q2O, systems) help drive sales effectiveness by supporting configuration and pricing activities and the generat...
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Documents related to » configuration best practices configurable product

Business Agility for Communication Service Providers: A Few Simple Steps Are a Great Way to Start
In today’s market, customers have no patience for companies that let their size and complex product lines slow them down. The challenge for communication

configuration best practices configurable product  multi-channel adoption in which configuration will be a pervasive enabling technology for a broad range of service business processes and applications. To achieve this goal, we saw the need to expand modeling from a back office tool used by a limited number of experts to a broader based application that can be used by casual business users throughout the enterprise and, indeed, throughout the business network or ecosystem, to achieve greater levels of business agility. Introducing Cameleon edge With our Read More
Q2O Systems: Solutions for Quotation Management and Pricing Configuration
Quote-to-order systems include quotation management and pricing configuration solutions. Pricing configuration engines automate pricing and quoting processes

configuration best practices configurable product  company's margin objectives. Pricing configuration systems have to provide best practices to handle the execution and enforcement of pricing through each of the above-mentioned levels to maintain price integrity and margin control. Pricing configuration systems should allow for any level of pricing and presentation flexibility while permitting the enterprise control of and visibility into field quoting practices. Potential pricing configuration benefits and opportunities originate from reduced unit costs Read More
Accelerating (and Fast-Starting) the SME Business at Oracle (and SAP) - Part 4
Part 1 of this blog series outlined Oracle’s recent (and seemingly genuine) change of heart and approach towards partnering and catering enterprise applications

configuration best practices configurable product  best practices accelerate this configuration process in two steps. Step one is to define/specify how the process should work after the system is configured. This is done by working with SAP’s industry development teams and partners based on their vast experience (so that customers don't have to reinvent the wheel). Customers get the tried and true processes, or, “industry best practices.” In step two , SAP’s industry best practices organize and bundle these settings in a way that can be Read More
Mastering Global Product Development for Business Advantage
Today’s businesses are operating in a global marketplace. Not only are customers and competitors located worldwide, but employees, suppliers, contractors, and

configuration best practices configurable product  product structure Providing rich configuration management Managing concurrent tasks with automated workflow B. Traceable sharing of product data . This best practice provides multiple, flexible methods for the dynamic sharing of design data among internal and external stakeholders through a single system. With the capability to automatically trace design history-whether in document or digital form, this approach eliminates version-control and change-management errors typically associated with manual data Read More
Dematic Selects aPriori for Product Cost Management
Dematic, a supplier of automated warehouse logistics and material handling systems, selected aPriori to control new product costs by providing real-time insight

configuration best practices configurable product  and software, whereby system configurations may be manually operated, mechanized, or automated.   In its product costing solution search, Dematic looked at other products, particularly Siemens’ Perfect Costing . There were many reasons for picking aPriori, but the two in particular the company voiced were as follows: The ability for stakeholders other than manufacturing and engineering experts to leverage the capabilities of the system The ability to extract geometry from computer-aided design (CAD) Read More
Benefits of Global Product Development
Find out in benefits of global product development.

configuration best practices configurable product  benefits global product development,benefits,global,product,development,global product development,benefits product development,benefits global development,benefits global product. Read More
SmartOrg Portfolio Navigator for Product Lifecycle Management Certification Report
SmartOrg Portfolio Navigator is TEC Certified for online evaluation of product development and portfolio management (PD&PM) solutions in the Product Lifecycle

configuration best practices configurable product  product lifecycle management,portfolio management,product lifecycle management software,project portfolio management,portfolio management software,project portfolio management software,investment portfolio management,plm product lifecycle management,it portfolio management,product lifecycle management solutions,stock portfolio management software,product lifecycle management plm,investment portfolio management software,product lifecycle management tools,portfolio management tools Read More
TARGIT BI Product Certified
Recently, I met over the Web with TARGIT’s Ruben Knudsen and Ulrik Pedersen, along with some TEC cohorts to verify TARGIT’S BI product.  TARGIT had  completed a

configuration best practices configurable product   Read More
Best-of-Class Financial Systems: an Alternative to ERP
In Best-of-class Financial Systems: An Alternative to ERP, find outhow a best-in-class financial system might deliver all the functionalityyou real...

configuration best practices configurable product  best class financial systems alternative erp,best,class,financial,systems,alternative,erp,class financial systems alternative erp,best financial systems alternative erp,best class systems alternative erp,best class financial alternative erp. Read More
Managing a Product Recall through IT
In How to effectively manage a product recall through IT, you'll learn about...

configuration best practices configurable product  managing product recall,managing,product,recall,product recall,managing recall,managing product. Read More
CanMap Product Suite
The CanMap Product Suite from DMTI Spatial (DMTI) provides a wide selection of richly detailed location content that is core to deriving location

configuration best practices configurable product   Read More
Protect Product Safety: How Manufacturers Can Boost Efficiency and Profitability with a Holistic, Proactive Product Compliance Strategy
Process manufacturers can no longer rely on purely reactive strategies to product safety. Now, reactive strategies such as lot tracking need to be incorporated

configuration best practices configurable product   Read More
NuViewHR Product Suite 4.15 SP 2 Gets Certified
Nuview Systems recently updated the request for information (RFI) to reflect the changes to the level of support to the latest version of its product NuViewHR

configuration best practices configurable product   Read More
Configuration Management Simplified
The recently standardized NETCONF configuration management protocol, with the NETCONF-oriented data modeling language called YANG, can simplify network

configuration best practices configurable product  The recently standardized NETCONF configuration management protocol, with the NETCONF-oriented data modeling language called YANG, can simplify network configuration management. Learn how the two technologies work, and how they can be used to support transactional capabilities and rollback management—so next-generation configuration management systems are simpler and more understandable than current systems. Read More

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