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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Zooming into the Clothing Retailer Conundrum
If retailers in the vertical market of fashion apparel do not constantly refresh their presentation and assortment for consumers, they run the risk of being

clothing  into the Clothing Retailer Conundrum While most of the observations made so far throughout this series hold true for multiple retail segments (for more information on the scope of retail management systems in general, please see Retail Systems: A Primer and Retail Market Dynamics for Software Vendors ), the increasingly fickle and demanding customer base of teens (and their paying parents) or yuppies has led to the fashion apparel or garment retail vertical market to become one of the fastest Read More...
Zweave, Inc
Zweave, Inc. is a design automation software company serving the needs of federal and consumer product development organizations. Zweave provides software

clothing  research and design of clothing and equipment.
SAP Case Study: Consumer Products-Sporting Goods
Part of the sports world for eighty years, the adidas product portfolio includes state-of-the-art athletic shoes, clothing, and accessories. Two essential

clothing  includes state-of-the-art athletic shoes, clothing, and accessories. Two essential requirements for solidifying adidas’ position as leader are the development of strong brands, and continued revenue growth. Regarding its operational strengths, adidas focuses on constantly improving customer service. In 2005, this included the complete reorganization of online order management. Read More...
Case Study: Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe, a women’s clothing retailer, had complicated processes for sales, markdown, and performance analysis. These processes often resulted in missed

clothing  Charlotte Russe, a women’s clothing retailer, had complicated processes for sales, markdown, and performance analysis. These processes often resulted in missed deadlines, and so the company searched for a way to automate and improve them. By implementing a business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM) solution, the company reduced sales analysis and markdown planning from days to minutes. Read More...
Italian Men''s Clothing Design and Manufacturing Company Selects Microsoft Dynamics AX for Its US Operations
Canali, word-famous Italian men''s clothing brand, has selected Microsoft Dynamics AX for its US operations. Business in North America must be going quite well

clothing  Men''s Clothing Design and Manufacturing Company Selects Microsoft Dynamics AX for Its US Operations Canali, word-famous Italian men''s clothing brand, has selected Microsoft Dynamics AX for its US operations. Business in North America must be going quite well, as the company has decided to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software application that would serve the entire region. All Canali''s factories are in Italy (and the fact that it has not moved its manufacturing operations to Read More...
Optimizing the Supply Chain and Increasing Customer Satisfaction: An Interview with Robert Abate of RCG Information Technology
Manufacturers must constantly address how to increase customer satisfaction, identify supply chain issues before they become problems, and lower production

clothing  in the development of clothing is [that] clothing is seasonal-based, so raw materials are brought to manufacturing facilities usually with a long lead time prior to getting it out into the sale and retail floors. And when there are issues with those materialsany of the materials in the manufacturing processit would cause problems downstream, and the ripple effect occurs. One small problem in the manufacturing process could cause a much larger problem by the time it gets to the retail process. So what we Read More...
Case Study: Maggy London
As a successful, rapidly growing apparel company with seven separate divisions, Maggy London needed to streamline its product development lifecycle, improve

clothing  experimenting with a 3-D clothing simulator that will help its designers, production team and factories save time and costs in the sampling process.   Searches related to Case Study: Maggy London : PLM Solution Implementation | PLM Implementation Solutions | PLM Implementation Project | PLM Implementation Information | PLM Implementation Program | Tips PLM Implementation | Basic PLM Implementation | PLM Implementation Services | PLM Implementation Capabilities | Success PLM Implementation | PLM Implement Read More...
Sunrise Technologies’ AFT for Microsoft Dynamics AX Is Now TEC Certified for ERP for Fashion Industries
I am pleased to announce that Sunrise Technologies’ Apparel @ Footwear Template (AFT) for Microsoft Dynamics AX is now TEC Certified, and available for online

clothing  in the soft-goods industry (clothing and other textile goods). Sunrise has developed additional functionality on top of Dynamics AX to support the soft-goods industry including functionality for Product Information Management, Sales & Marketing, Procurement and Sourcing, and Production Control. This additional functionality should make this solution a strong contender for any small to mid-size business in the soft-goods industries searching for a complete ERP solution. You can see how the Sunrise’s AFT Read More...
New Dimensions in EC and SCM Part 1: The Benefits of E-Procurement
From point-and-click ordering using Web-based catalogs of individual suppliers, to marketplaces that bring together in one place the products or services

clothing  to buy books or clothing or other merchandise -- surfing the Internet, accessing a wide range of choices, and making one-at-a-time purchases at posted prices -- is what businesses most want to avoid. Companies want to ensure that their processes are: Reducing the time employees spend purchasing, whether it''s leafing through catalogues or surfing the Web. Leveraging their volume with preferred suppliers in order to get better pricing, service, and access to new technology. Limiting choices to only those Read More...
Agile ERP Vendor Ditches a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Alliance for, well, its own CRM Solution (Part I)
Writing about failed partnerships in the enterprise applications market is like writing about the sun setting in the evening and to the west, given almost daily

clothing  a new item of clothing to the closet (even though these will not always be in the same physical location). To that end, Agresso VITA''s difference is a service model-based data and architecture foundation , with the focus of complete insulation of business logic from data. While unjustifiable  physical changes in data are not allowed (for integrity and consistency sake), data is captured and coded by many attributes like Dimension (e.g., Name), Measurement (e.g. Salary), Time (e.g., Fixed or Within Read More...
“Act Vertical” vs. “Go Extinct” Retailers - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series set the historical background for supply chain management (SCM) evolution and presented the advantages and shortcomings of vertical

clothing  , the famous Spanish clothing manufacturer , has two supply chains, one for staples and the other for fashion clothing. To get the fastest response time, Zara uses pricey Western European suppliers for the fashion items. But for the more predictable demand items, it uses Eastern European suppliers, which have poorer response time (not a major concern here) but at much lower cost. In addition to varying the supply chain by product type, Fisher recommends several other variables to consider, such as store Read More...
NetSuite Cements Its Cloud E-commerce Stature via Venda
NetSuite recently acquired Venda, the U.K. provider of e-commerce platform Venda Convergent Commerce Platform. NetSuite already offers a multi-channel e

clothing  such as Tesco F&F Clothing, Boohoo.com, Laura Ashley, Little Tikes, TK Maxx, and Arsenal Football Club.   NetSuite already offers a multi-channel e-commerce software platform, SuiteCommerce , which has seen strong growth over the last couple of years, and the company believes the acquisition will improve SuiteCommerce’s feature set and help NetSuite strengthen its B2B and B2C retail practice as well as aid with its expansion in Europe. The acquisition builds on the strong success NetSuite has already Read More...
The Challenges that Remain for One Aspiring Global Sourcing Vendor
In the long term, Eqos’s current stature and means may not be enough to maintain its competitive position against current and potential competitors, especially

clothing  see Zooming into the Clothing Retailer Conundrum . This concludes the series One Vendor''s Quest to Garner a Global Sourcing Ecosystem. For more information and to start your own custom solution comparison, please visit TEC''s Supply Chain Management Evaluation Center Read More...
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