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Addressing Strategy Management and the Balanced Scorecard
Organizations often see a significant gap between their strategic plans and their ability to execute them, and many try to implement scorecards to solve

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Product Development and Portfolio Management
The Product Development and Portfolio Management Knowledge Base covers the execution processes of new product development projects and programs, including phase-gate processes. It also addresses...
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Documents related to » choosing balanced scorecard strategy map

Reporting Value of IT Services with Balanced Scorecards
A balanced scorecard is a measurement system for management that provides real insight into the status of a business or some part of it. Developed by Kaplan and

choosing balanced scorecard strategy map  a cost sensitive ISP, choosing metrics that measure intimacy with the client will present a rather distorted view of business status. Consequently, it is for this reason that no out of the box scorecard solution will exist for an organization. Scorecards For IT Service Providers Balanced scorecards are very relevant to IT service-level management. Not only is this data intensive and in need of unscrambling, the IT universe is an electronic one in which vast amounts of data can easily be captured and Read More
The Impact of IT Service on Business Process Management
There are potential benefits of operating business process management (BPM) side-by-side with business service management (BSM). BPM and BSM are emerging

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Business Intelligence: Driving Better Business Performance for Companies with Changing Needs
When it comes to acquiring business intelligence, small to medium-sized companies are often at a disadvantage. Compared to larger companies, they may lack the

choosing balanced scorecard strategy map  factors to consider when choosing a business intelligence solution: Business intelligence empowerment throughout your compagny - organizations operate more efficiently and are more apt to stay their strategic course if all employees, who make strategic, tactical and operational decisions, are empowered with insight to make better, smarter decisions. Look for business intelligence solutions that make it easier for all employees - not just a selected few - to access, work with, share, understand and Read More
The Alignment-focused Organization
To close the gap between strategy, risk, and execution, companies need to build strategic alignment across all aspects of the business. Learn how your company

choosing balanced scorecard strategy map  account the second pathway. Choosing communications firms with a broader East Coast presence will help support these objectives. Besides helping executives make forward-thinking decisions, pathways can help focus resources properly. For example, the first order at hand is to establish and build a high-end brand, which requires building relationships and achieving momentum within the target market. Achieving operational efficiencies, while important going forward, takes a back seat for now. Using Goal Read More
Infor24: Demystifying Infor’s Cloud Strategy - Part 1
Anyone that is still vociferously doubting and denying the future of cloud computing and its near-mainstream nature will sound as strange and nutty as some

choosing balanced scorecard strategy map   Read More
Infor24: Demystifying Infor’s Cloud Strategy - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series started with the assertion that cloud computing is reaching mainstream adoption in the enterprise applications space. Indeed

choosing balanced scorecard strategy map   Read More
From Strategy to Execution: Accelerating Sales Growth
This report describes a new approach to selling, the sales-automation solutions deployed as part of the new approach, and initial early results of the sales

choosing balanced scorecard strategy map  salesforce.com, sales strategy, sales growth, sales challenges Read More
Manufacturing Strategy: An Adaptive Perspective
Adaptive manufacturing enables companies to produce goods efficiently and manage variability proactively. However, it must be managed as an end-to-end, closed

choosing balanced scorecard strategy map   Read More
Understanding Strategy Execution
It’s not enough to develop a strategy for your enterprise; real success comes from effective execution of that strategy. Prioritization, improvement, and

choosing balanced scorecard strategy map   Read More
Project Management Office: Framework Strategy
IT initiatives driven within silos, where each department maintain its own project management office, inhibits the overall cohesiveness and effectiveness of

choosing balanced scorecard strategy map  techniques of their own choosing. Often each of these silos maintain their own PMO, frequently referred to as satellite project management offices. An enterprise-wide PMO framework strategy, as described in the following sections, has been developed through extensive research and information gathering sessions facilitated by TEC and by adopting the Project Management Institute's (PMI) A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) standards and the Capability Maturity Model Integration Read More
Configurability Strategy: A Competitive Advantage
To gain a competitive advantage, manufacturing companies that sell complex products are implementing a configurability strategy that provides more options using

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Dell Unveils Internet-Enabled Customer Support Strategy
Dell Computer announced its plans to provide Internet-based, automated customer support.

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Is Cron Limiting Your Automation Strategy?
If you currently use cron to schedule jobs on your UNIX servers, you may have noticed that your job schedule requires a higher degree of flexibility than cron

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Breakthrough Performance Management: Tying Performance Metrics to Business Strategy
For many organizations, there is a disconnect between strategy and day-to-day activities. Strategy, resources, and risks are discussed at the executive level

choosing balanced scorecard strategy map   Read More

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