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SAP for Chemicals Functionality
SAP has been delivering on its chemicals industry strategy by expanding its capabilities for manufacturing and supply chain management, broadening its composite package applications in areas such as emissions management, pricing management, and manufacturing dashboards, and focusing on mid-market companies.

CHEMICALS: SAP for Chemicals Functionality SAP for Chemicals Functionality Olin Thompson and PJ Jakovljevic - May 31, 2006 Read Comments SAP for Chemicals Functionality SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) is well-known for its enterprise applications software tailored to the chemicals industry. For a detailed tutorial on the chemicals industry, see So What s the Big Deal with Chemicals? . For a discussion of the SAP approach to packaged solutions, see SAP Industry Solutions for Mid-market Companies . And for a discussion directly

So What’s the Big Deal with Chemicals?
Due to the inherent challenges of the industry, most chemical companies are still unable to profitably respond to highly variable demand, or to execute predictable product supply strategies.

CHEMICALS: the fact remains that chemicals are a mature, slow-moving industry. It might even expose quite a set of challenges and complexities within the industry: low asset turnover limited production flexibility decreasing product innovation (especially for basic chemical manufacturers, such as commodity producers of plastics and rubber; fibers; raw materials and intermediates; inorganic materials; fertilizers; and so on), given the increasing rarity of new chemistry discoveries. Furthermore, while the soaring pri

Managing Demand: Considerations for the Chemicals Industry
Enterprise systems have brought many benefits to chemical environments, but for individual enterprises, gaining these benefits requires selecting a solution that can deal with the unique needs of the business.

CHEMICALS: Demand: Considerations for the Chemicals Industry Managing Demand: Considerations for the Chemicals Industry Olin Thompson and PJ Jakovljevic - May 12, 2006 Read Comments Managing Demand Effectively Due to the inherent challenges of the chemicals industry, most chemicals companies are still unable to profitably respond to highly variable demand, or to execute predictable product supply strategies. Thus, optimizing their distribution networks and rationalizing their inventories are the keys to an

Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer Selects DEACOM ERP Software » The TEC Blog
Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer Selects DEACOM ERP Software » The TEC Blog TEC Blog     TEC Home     About TEC     Contact Us     About the Bloggers     Follow TEC on Twitter    RSS   Discussing Enterprise Software and Selection --> Fast, Accurate Software Evaluations TEC helps enterprises evaluate and select software solutions that meet their exacting needs by empowering purchasers with the tools, research, and expertise to make an ideal decision. Your software selection starts here.

CHEMICALS: chemicals manufacturing, deacom, Deacom ERP, industry watch, lab formulator functionality, process erp, process manufacturing, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Preparing for Product Development in Process Manufacturing
Combining process industry–oriented product lifecycle management capabilities with process manufacturing–oriented enterprise resource planning ones can help alleviate many of the challenges particular to the process manufacturers, especially in the areas of product development and regulatory compliance.

CHEMICALS: example, the amounts of chemicals that a plant can produce are fixed by the design characteristics of the tanks and reaction vessels it uses to make them. Adding capacity is a costly endeavor involving months of design work, followed by multimillion dollar construction projects. Disposal of off-spec material is another costly operation, even in cases where the material can be sold to another plant. Rework of unused material is preferable, but requires careful planning so that production of premium-grade

Primavera Systems

CHEMICALS: Located in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania (US), Primavera Systems Inc. is a product portfolio management company that has provided industry specific solutions to more than 75,000 customers, globally.

SAP Keeps Traction On Some Tires Of Its Omni-Wheel-DrivePart 1
Although SAP’s recently announced tamed results for Q1 2002, which fit within the current market milieu, may add to some challenges moving forward, particularly seen from sharply reduced license revenue, and while some may question SAP’s justification of assimilating its two former subsidiaries, SAP has meanwhile become much more alert and diverse to spar with difficulties.

CHEMICALS: Corporation, Marsulex Inc., Millennium Chemicals , and Rohm and Haas Company . These leading companies join the ranks of other global customers from other sectors who have chosen mySAP CRM to deliver improved customer service and value, and they may be providing further proof of SAP s gaining market momentum. Earlier in the year, SAP announced that, since the introduction of mySAP CRM to the market at the end of 1999, more than 1,500 companies around the globe have selected the CRM solution. In 2001 SAP r

Ramco Systems Users - Winning Big And Speaking Out In Las Vegas
Ramco's broad and deep product functionality and technology bundled with a reasonable price tag and short time-to-market should create a powerful value proposition, however no one will know about it until marketing and sales execution are significantly improved.

CHEMICALS: needs. MOC produces both chemicals and the machines to apply them. These are two different manufacturing businesses under one roof and only a few ERP products have done a good job of thoroughly addressing both. Ramco appears to be one of those companies. Customer Experiences and Results Ramco appears to be doing a good job of working with its customers and making them successful. It provides implementation services through a proprietary structured implementation program called RSPRINT (Ramco Strategic

Aspen’s Step Backward in the First Quarter Part of Familiar Dance
First quarter results tend to be Aspen Technologies’ weakest of the year and 1Q 2001 is no exception. There are signs that suggest the process manufacturing enterprise software vendor is taking pains to break the cycle.

CHEMICALS: for its core verticals, chemicals, petroleum refining, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals. Pricing models for exchanges built on these solutions have not been made public, though these will likely create recurring revenue through transaction- and subscription-based fees and greatly diminish the seasonal variability characterizing Aspen today. The success of Aspen in the B2B exchange market is also made more probable by changes in its competitive landscape. Aspen s broad product slate makes it vulnerable

The Case for Pricing Management
Savvy and dynamically optimized pricing can mean the difference between survival and failure. In many environments it might be smarter, quicker, and more useful to calculate pricing based on systematic analysis rather than on fuzzy thinking or human emotions.

CHEMICALS: instance, in the specialty chemicals segment, tighter markets and rising costs for raw material and energy have given sellers the leverage to raise prices. More producers now say that they are willing to lose those customers with low or negative margins. Many specialty chemicals producers have been focusing lately on improving selling prices (rather than gaining market share at loss-leader prices). There is also a growing trend towards structuring contracts to include value-adding items, such as incurred

SCT Fygir To Lubricate Valvoline’s Supply Chain
On the heels of its win at Equilon, SCT Corporation recently secured another high-profile contract in the petroleum products sector with Valvoline, the $1.1 billion lube oil division of Ashland Inc.

CHEMICALS: processes and problems with chemicals manufacturing and food & beverage, both of which are well-represented in SCT s client base. The king of petroleum supply chain management is indisputably Aspen Technology, which counts among its clients 17 of the top 20 refining and exploration companies. We expect Fygir to continue to do well within petroleum as it offers more out-of-the-box functionality than Aspen Technology. User Recommendations Fygir has found wide success in the process manufacturing

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