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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Case Study: Cascades Tissue Group
Cascades Tissue Group—a division of the Quebec-based recycled paper and packaging company, Cascades—was struggling with business intelligence (BI)software that

cascades  Study: Cascades Tissue Group Cascades Tissue Group—a division of the Quebec-based recycled paper and packaging company, Cascades—was struggling with business intelligence (BI)software that was neither flexible nor easy to use. Sales reports, for example, were sent by e-mail to managers. Learn how a new BI system helped Cascades reduce inventory levels, produce custom reports more easily and even improve efficiency and profitability in certain areas. Read More...
The ''Joy'' Of Enterprise Systems Implementations Part 2: Implementation Key Success Factors
Enterprise systems, in fact, are devised to operate by codifying a set of business processes and employees have to learn the whys, wheres, and whos of the

cascades  revealed and the attitude cascades down the hierarchy. The promise of helping everyone within the organization improve his or her objectives then degenerates into a software implementation trudge dominated by the IT department. Anyone who felt left out will, intentionally or not, demoralize the success of the project by simply going through the motions. Retaining Ownership Further, it is crucial that the use of consultants does not mean that the company loses ownership of the project. Very often the com Read More...
Five HR Technologies You Should Know
Almost everything you know about human resources (HR) outsourcing is about to change. The future is about single-source integration, and there are key new

cascades  application, and the event cascades through payroll and approving final expense reports. 4. Synchronous Data With a Single Database Synchronous data makes real-time information available through the enterprise. That means if you update one system, instead of expecting a cascading update across the systems, instead, there is only one system so everything is updated instantaneously. An employee gets married and changes their name, and then their email account, their 401k accounts, and their W-4 are simultan Read More...
Not Yet Sold on SaaS ERP in Manufacturing? Take a Hard Look at Plex Online - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series explained Plex Systems’ ebullience and growth despite a hostile and depressed environment, especially in the discrete manufacturing

cascades  account executive (who then cascades the alerts upstream the supply chain), the distributor simply logs onto the Web portal of the manufacturer’s system and creates a problem report, including the serial number or bar code scan identifying the problem device. The problem ticket then triggers alerts inside the system, immediately notifying Quality & Compliance to investigate. The trouble ticket arrives with a complete traceability tree for the problem device, including all its components. Thereafter, a Read More...
Be Bold with Benefits but Subtle with Pains
While prospects often justify their purchases because you show them how your software solves their pain, they do not appreciate being told how bad they really

cascades  of finding their shoes cascades into disastrous consequences on our schedule. So, beginning last month I instituted the tub . At every doorway into the house we now have a tub where they deposit their shoes when they walk in the door. With this simple change, I''ve eliminated the I can''t find my shoes problem. In your world the tub might be a better way to consolidate reporting so that your financial reports can be ready on the 5th of the month or improved accounts receivable collection tools that hel Read More...
Napster Cooks up Soup-to-Gnutella Network Management Challenges
Recent legal actions against online MP3 search services suggest U.S. businesses may be liable for not restricting programs like Napster and Gnutella on their

cascades  searches run via broadcast cascades on TCP port 6346. At a minimum, make sure you restrict firewall access to ports 6699 (Napster) and 6346 (Gnutella). Since these programs allow users to circulate potentially illegal copies of audio files, or pornography, they have no place on your network. Make sure your written desktop security policy prohibits users from installing unapproved applications. (If you can, this is another reason to lock down user desktops.) Read More...

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