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You Still Need ERP, Even If Naysayers Say You Don’t
After coming across the Forbes article The End Of ERP and quite a few spin-off articles about the imminent death of ERP, I became somewhat concerned about how

call handling platforms  vendors to answer the call by offering complete and yet flexible offerings if they wish to maximize their market presence. And while a business may be able to address most of its requirements with a given ERP solution, the solution vendor needs to leave room for external solutions to complement its functionality. Businesses do need ERP in order to function but they have no need for solutions that box them in. Final Thoughts The notion of ERP has grown significantly since its beginning and has Read More
Talent Management
Talent management solutions encompass all the applications necessary for handling personnel-related tasks for corporate managers and individual employees from the point of hire to the point of...
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Documents related to » call handling platforms

SCT Corporation Means (e)Business For Process Manufacturing
SCT has announced more e-commerce offerings for the process industries, including an expanded vision for their iProcess.sct solution called 'Collaboration in

call handling platforms  live on-line communications and call-center capabilities. Functionality includes instant messaging, live chat, e-mail, and real-time follow-me browsing, which enable a customer service representative to remotely guide a customer through the on-line sales process. Trading partners can choose how and when they will do business with each other, whether it be through a website, over the phone, or a handheld or personal digital assistant (PDA). Wireless business activities include placing or checking Read More
Microsoft’s Underlying Platform Parts for Enterprise Applications: Somewhat Explained - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series concluded that Microsoft would not converge all of its diverse Microsoft Dynamics  product lines into a single enterprise resource

call handling platforms  Communication Foundation (WCF), formerly called   Indigo and WinFX , is an application web services inter-communication framework, and can be used to access Dynamics AX 4 and 2009 business logic through web service interfaces. This provides a higher level document interface to the application for integration, complementing the .NET Business Connector which offers more granular, lower level component interfaces to the Dynamics AX business logic. Microsoft's .NET Business Connector replaces the older Read More
Can Lilly Software Get More VISUAL?
Lilly Software’s financial success and double-digit revenue growth during the recent years have been attributable to its strong offerings and efficient

call handling platforms  product supports marketing, sales, call center, and customer service functions, and it is fully integrated with the rest of the VISUAL product components. Lilly has also announced partnerships with Works.com and SupplierMarket.com to offer additional e-commerce functionality to its customers. Another reason of Lilly's success is its distribution model, which is based solely on an indirect channel. The channel is comprised of companies and individuals that sell only Lilly's VISUAL product suite. Domain Read More
Workforce Scheduling and Optimization: The Missing Link on the Shop Floor?
Today’s manufacturers must be able to promptly cater to customer fluctuations in demand and maintain profitability. With agile workforces, companies have a real

call handling platforms  fluctuations in demand, which typically hover around 20 to 30 percent. In addition, for a CPG organization utilizing a large direct store delivery (DSD) sales organization to deliver, sell, and merchandize its products, direct exposure to actual customer demand and consumer sales can lead to frequent sales-driven disruptive adjustments to production schedules. To gain visibility, staff appropriately, and ultimately control labor costs, manufacturers must optimize their workforce utilization and Read More
Purchasing CRM for Contact Centers
Every business is in business to generate revenue. The more revenue generated, the happier everyone is. A company’s call center is no different. But how do you

call handling platforms  everyone is. A company’s call center is no different. But how do you manage your call center to run as efficiently and productively as possible? While CRM software will represent an investment when initially implemented, it offers the possibility for a favorable return on investment. See how a CRM solution can benefit your call center. Read More
Case Study: Georg Fischer’s CRM Investment Improves Transparency and Customer Service
Georg Fischer, a global provider of fluid-handling systems, was using a simple database to manage customer contact information. But the company couldn’t

call handling platforms   Read More
Incident Handling and Response Capability: An IT Security Safeguard Part 2: Establishing the Capability
As long as human intervention is part of network operations, there will always be vulnerabilities and an Incident Response capability establishes a force to

call handling platforms  understand and can be realistically practiced. An exercise may also serve to educate the business functions on how and why they would be involved in responding to incidents. This is Part 2 of a 2-part article on IT Security, details the necessary steps to establish an Incident Handling and Response Capability.   Part 1 discussed the technologies and programs an organization needs to benefit from this capability. If You Choose a Security Consulting Firm Companies that choose a security consulting firm to Read More
BNA Fixed Assets
BNA Software offers BNA Fixed Assets, a fixed asset management and depreciation software solution available in desktop, server, and Web-hosted platforms

call handling platforms   Read More
Choosing a Key Management Solution
The modern enterprise deploys a variety of server platforms, operating systems, and programming languages. A major barrier to deploying encryption has been the

call handling platforms  please visit http://www.patownsend.com/ or call (800) 357-1019. Key Management Vendor Check list 10 questions to ask your key management vendor   How would you describe the encryption key payload as retrieved from the key server? Is it simple or complex? Is there a common key retrieval application interface on all platforms? What are the differences? What platforms do you support for key retrieval? (Note any gaps in platform coverage for your company) Do you provide working sample code for the platforms Read More
Fonolo offers a call center solution to ensure a satisfying customer experience from a support perspective. The solution offers smart dialing and scheduled call

call handling platforms  Fonolo offers a call center solution to ensure a satisfying customer experience from a support perspective. The solution offers smart dialing and scheduled call-backs, as well as multichannel support. Read More
The Multiple of Multi-platform KVM Technologies
New standards, protocols, and platforms to support the data center continually appear: TCP/IP, Telnet, SSL, PPP, USB, MacOS, Linux, and Windows 2003 servers@the

call handling platforms   Read More
A Partner-friendly Platform Provider Discusses Market Trends
A background of Progress Software notes the vendor’s product line-up, and some of the benefits companies find by using Progress platforms and infrastructure

call handling platforms  are standards-based, service-oriented, and typically have a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The Progress® Apama® event processing platform can monitor event streams, detect patterns, and respond. The product supports event-driven applications, including business activity monitoring (BAM), algorithmic trading, transaction monitoring, market abuse detection, and radio frequency identification (RFID) applications. The Progress® EasyAsk® product line provides business users and consumers the ability Read More
Using CRM to Boost Call Center Performance
Call centers are the focal point of customer experience and can create a valuable competitive advantage. Providing call center staff and their managers with the

call handling platforms  CRM to Boost Call Center Performance Call centers are the focal point of customer experience and can create a valuable competitive advantage. Providing call center staff and their managers with the right customer relationship management (CRM) tools for interdepartmental coordination, real-time pipeline visibility, a centralized database, and actionable intelligence improves overall performance and accountability. This white paper aims to enable CRM strategy. Read More

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