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Vendor Analysis: Kaspersky Anti-Virus Products Examined
Kaspersky Labs is no newcomer to anti-virus products. Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, with offices in Pleasanton, California and Cambridge, England, Kaspersky

block checker  the new fixed length block of data that starts the next file. (File slack is sometimes called padding .) In our tests, Kaspersky's anti-virus products installed easily without a hitch. The user interface was easy to use and their products worked as advertised. We reviewed the documentation carefully, and it was well written and easy to understand. Though the company is based in Moscow, the English version of documentation did not contain erroneous colloquialisms typically found in documents written by Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » block checker

Anti-Spam Software: An Effective Way to Fight Spam.
Spam is unsolicited junk mail sent to you or your mail server. People who indulge in such activities are called spammers. These are sent by commercial

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Managed File Transfer: The Need for a Strategic Approach
A secure and accurate flow of information in your supply chain operations has never been more critical—and complex. Digital transfer of unstructured information

block checker  why an administrator might block emails with large attachments. For one, the usual method of attaching files to an email, MIME, is very inefficient. A MIME attachment is typically much larger than the raw file being attached. Hence, an administrator might bar large attachments to enforce the use of more efficient means of file transfers. Large attachments might also be blocked in order to discourage the sharing of videos and pictures that are not business-related, a practice that hogs considerable Read More
Social Learning for Field Service Employees
Although learning might be a top priority for companies who rely on field service employees to sustain their operations, ensuring the ongoing training of these

block checker  are an essential building block for a vibrant learning community. They can host opinionated statements that challenge status quo rules and thus stimulate critical thinking. Messaging tools ensure instant communication between colleagues to report problems or share quick fixes. Social tools that include profiles, threads, intelligent search engines, etc. may facilitate communication with and between subject matter experts, as well the exposing the status of current tasks and the challenges encountered by Read More
KPI's: Key Project Impeders
Paying attention to the human nature factors of a project will not overcome poor software selection or poor software design. However, being aware of these

block checker  can break through trainer's block. However, the best example is the area of software piloting. Often, a project team may have never conducted a pilot or, surely, not on the new ERP software being implemented. Therefore, it is not reasonable to expect the team to hit the track running unless they are given an assist. In this case, you can provide simple business conditions for them to test. These conditions should test the basic functionality of the software and are not intended to fail. Rather, they sho Read More
Mirapoint ~ ISP Messaging Solution in a Box?
The Mirapoint administration client allows you to also administer services directly. Mirapoint supports SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), NIS (Network

block checker  to Ignored Domains can block all e-mail emanating from them. Anti-relay is enabled by default and any domain which mail must be routed to must be manually added. (Figure V) Figure V - Junk Mail Screen The Storage section allows an administrator to view used and available space quickly and easily and will also allow an administrator to configure disks when necessary. (Figure VI) Figure VI - Storage Screen The Mirapoint administration client allows you to also administer services directly. Mirapoint Read More
Continuous Data Quality Management: The Cornerstone of Zero-Latency Business Analytics Part 2: One Solution
Most enterprises fight fires with axes, fire hoses, trucks, and hordes of firemen, but the CDQM approach is a smoke detector. It’s far less expensive to put a

block checker  Data Quality Management: The Cornerstone of Zero-Latency Business Analytics Part 2: One Solution Implementing A CDQM Application It is impossible to improve that which cannot be measured. A CDQM (Continuous Data Quality Management) tool provides a real-time, up-to-date scorecard to measure data quality within the enterprise. By checking data quality in real-time, data fires can be detected when they are just starting, before any real damage has occurred. Most enterprises fight fires with axes, Read More
2008 Internet Security Trends: A Report on Emerging Attack Platforms for Spam, Viruses, and Malware
Just when malware design seemed to have reached a plateau, new and more complex attack techniques have now emerged. For a while, security controls designed to

block checker  engines can detect and block many kinds of attachment spam, even if the text of the attachment is unreadable. These messages did get through in large numbers; large enough to be noticed by the press. Ultimately these campaigns were unsuccessful though, because users have learned not to click on strange attachment types, and spammers moved on to trying new techniques PDF: The new GIF In 2007 there was one new attachment type that was extremely effective however. PDF-based attachment spam first appeared in Read More
OKENA Brews Up a StormSystem that Secures All Applications
OKENA's announcement of their product line StormSystem indicates that they intend to grow and expand their innovative intrusion prevention system with highly

block checker  new players on the block, OKENA is hardly new to security. OKENA's expert knowledge of information security products, and the market, is a key, contributing factor to the early success they have seen so far. Vendor Recommendations and Future Visions The intrusion management market is a competitive market, and though there are no clear leaders, rival vendors are beginning to understand that detecting intrusions is not enough. Intrusion prevention is the next wave of intrusion management products, and Read More
Intentia: Stepping Out With Fashion and Style Part One: Characteristics and Trends of the Fashion Industry
So your software vendor says that they can do fashion. You better make sure that the software features go far beyond styles, colors, and sizes. The requirements

block checker  as likely as a block of ice will not melt in a 35 C (or 95 F ) degree heat. Improper management of the supply chain can result in a greater risk of inventory exposure and obsolescence. Consequently, the fashion industry is faced with seasonal items (i.e., coats, jackets, fabrics) and non-seasonal items (i.e., ties, undergarments, shirts). From a software perspective there are requirements for make-to-order (MTO) and make-to-stock (MTS). However, these requirements are influenced by the special factors of Read More
How Instant, Accurate Information Can Drive Your Competitive Edge
To make timely, well-informed decisions, you need just that: time and information. This means having fast access to accurate information from every department

block checker  and midsize companies can block the way. ROADBLOCKS TO FAST,INFORMED DECISIONS Let's face it. Many businesses today still rely heavily on manual and paper- based processes. When information you need is locked in someone's file cabinet or even in people's heads, it can be hard to make the right decision. Then there is information clutter ' data that's plentiful but hard to access. Chances are your company relies on a jumble of accounting software, spread- sheets, or one-off reports, or on a set of Read More
Concur's Customers Can Network Now
Following the path of other E-procurement vendors, Concur announced a purchasing network for large companies. At the same time, Concur announced that its entire

block checker  have been a stumbling block to companies interested in its E-procurement solution. The evaluation can now focus on the basics of features, company strength, and price. However, as Concur salespeople must surely be reminding their prospects, Concur has a suite of products that are reasonably well integrated. All company interested in E-procurement should evaluate Concur as a potential solution. For those companies interested in bringing other functions in addition to purchasing to the desktop, the contest Read More
Earthlink Leads the Way in DSL Security
DSL providers speed up their customers' Internet access, however, at the same time they also expose these customers to enormous security risk. Earthlink has

block checker  rule that will permanently block or permit the requested type of access. However, ultimately, the user needs to tell the personal firewall whether to block or permit the access. The privacy module allows users to selectively block custom text strings from leaving their PC. Users can insert their credit card number, phone number, children's names, bank account number, words like Proprietary, and other confidential strings into a file that will be prevented from being transmitted out from their PC. Withou Read More
Vendor Articulates Message and Vision for Product Lifecycle Management
SAP has developed some crucial themes as it moves forward with their PLM vision and solution strategy. Product development lifecycles are shrinking, and

block checker  its four dimensions in building-block fashion: Product and project portfolio management : idea management and concept development, project planning, time and resource management, project execution, and strategic portfolio management. It is also worth examining some key components of this dimension: SAP xApp Product Definition ( SAP xPD ), which addresses the front-end processes for definition and management of ideas, concepts, projects, and products. Collaboration Projects ( cProjects ), which supports Read More
Employee Web Use and Misuse: Companies, Their Employees, and the Internet
The Internet creates new opportunities for mischief—and new challenges for managers. How do you balance individual access with the overall good of the business?

block checker  reaction might be to block all employee access to the internet. It makes sense to block certain sites outright. Pornography sites are an obvious example, but most companies may also consider gambling and game sites as utterly unrelated to work, potentially time-wasting and block them as well. Ninety-six percent of employers who block web access are concerned about employees visting adult sites with sexual content. Companies also use URL blocks to stop users from visiting game sites (61%), social networkin Read More

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