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What’s New at MCA Solutions?
TEC Principal Analyst P.J. Jakovljevic sits down with MCA Solutions’ CEO Bob Salvucci to discuss MCA’s new offerings in the service parts planning and optimization space. Service supply chains remain complex. MCA Solutions can help service companies of all sizes improve their bottom line. In today’s feature interview, TEC Principal Analyst P.J. Jakovljevic sits down with MCA Solutions CEO Bob Salvucci to discuss the current state of the market, MCA’s approach and focus on service parts planning and optimization, and the new offerings behind MCA’s growth that are expanding this software space.

BI SOLUTIONS BI: improving service levels (parts availability) to maximize customer satisfaction. MCA’s customer base includes about 30 industry leaders, such as Baker Hughes , Boeing , Bobst , Coca-Cola , Dassault Systèmes , KLA-Tencor , Lockheed Martin , Pratt & Whitney , Roche Diagnostics , Rockwell Collins , Sysmex , Tellabs , and Varian Semiconductor . For most of these service companies, MCA’s solutions have produced results in as little as two months from start of implementation—e.g., a 5−50 percent invent
3/30/2011 12:24:00 PM

Beware of Vendors Bearing Solutions
Hype has been a major factor in the recent downfall of some of the enterprise application industry's most illustrious players. This article presents some very simple things that you can do to prevent yourself and your company from being tomorrow's lead story in the industry trades.

BI SOLUTIONS BI: sales goal or the big IPO. Two of the reasons for that hype are the vast number of competitors that are transforming what were differentiated solutions into commodities and the pressures felt by the publicly held companies to deliver numbers aligning to Wall Street expectations. Consider these examples of how serious the hype has become that IT management is facing: A sales team employed by a publicly held ERP provider surreptitiously coded an application prototype matching customer-required functional ca

Selecting PLM Software Solutions
Past experience shows us that the vast majority of enterprise technology evaluations run over time and budget, and once selected, the majority of the implementations fail to meet functional, return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) expectations. Enterprise technology selections for ERP, CRM, SCM, and other enterprise applications provide valuable lessons that can be applied to selecting PLM software, but there are some key differences that need to be recognized.

BI SOLUTIONS BI: challenge but can provide big returns in terms of increased product functionality. Finally, PLM solutions are oriented around product innovation processes as opposed to transactions. This difference means that requirements can not be as easily defined objectively, and more objective opinions from experienced users is likely to be required, particularly in the areas of design tools. There are still more lessons, undoubtedly, to be learned about selecting PLM applications. We look forward to the comments an

Midmarket ERP Solutions Checklist
Discover the 12 questions you need to ask before committing to any new ERP system in Midmarket ERP Checklist.

BI SOLUTIONS BI: Midmarket ERP Solutions Checklist Midmarket ERP Solutions Checklist When shopping for a new ERP system, what are the critical questions you need to answer internally? If you don t know, it can put your implementation in jeopardy. Discover the 12 questions you need to ask before committing to any new ERP system in Midmarket ERP Checklist . Which ERP features and functions will you need? Do your organization s business leaders support the project? What are the specific problems you need to solve with ERP?
3/22/2011 11:00:00 AM

Who s Who? Sorting Out the e-Logistics PlayersPart 2: Traditional Solutions
Rather than leveling the playing field, traditional solutions, which are expensive, long-term oriented contract-based, have typically widened the gap between the Fortune 500 companies and everyone else.

BI SOLUTIONS BI: e-commerce, new services and capabilities are beginning to fulfill this promise, not just for Fortune 500 companies but for small and medium firms and for those with specialized requirements as well. These solutions range from e-gistics auctions and marketplaces, through software and support tools available over the Internet, including a whole new category of Internet Logistics Operators. This article outlines some of the latest developments in this fast-moving field, and provides background and

Logility Collaborative Planning Solutions Offer Sound Proposition
Collaborative planning for businesses carries great potential for reducing the hidden costs that inevitably result from poor planning and limited visibility among trading partners. With new OEM partner Great Plains, Logility has made a good move in targeting this growing area and organizing its applications around the collaborative aspects.

BI SOLUTIONS BI: is SAP, whose inferior capabilities for CPFR may nonetheless win out over Logility if SAP can regroup and focus its development resources effectively. Application hosting represents another opportunity for Logility, but other vendors are better positioned for Internet deployment. i2 s TradeMatrix platform has the capabilities for delivering hosted applications and enjoys much wider recognition than Logility Voyager Solutions offered through i-Connection. Logility s conservative wait-and-see ASP

New Wave of Supply Chain Solutions Drives Higher Performance
In Maximizing Performance of the Entire Manufacturing Enterprise, learn how a new wave of innovative supply chains solutions can help your company ...

BI SOLUTIONS BI: levels of supplier trust, accountability, and performance trace products/parts backward through the manufacturing process across multiple suppliers improve product quality and delivery schedules reduce costs, inventories, and lead times Learn how new supply chain technology is providing solutions to some of the major challenges facing manufacturers. Download your free PDF copy of Maximizing Performance of the Entire Manufacturing Enterprise , today   For assistance, please contact customer service.
2/27/2012 5:00:00 PM

Logility Voyager Solutions Receives TEC Certification
ATLANTA (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Logility Inc., a leading supplier of collaborative solutions to optimize the supply chain, today announced Technology Ev...

BI SOLUTIONS BI: Logility Voyager Solutions Receives TEC Certification Logility Voyager Solutions Receives TEC Certification Independent Analysis Positions Logility Voyager Solutions as Dominant in Several Supply Chain Categories ATLANTA (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Logility Inc., a leading supplier of collaborative solutions to optimize the supply chain, today announced Technology Evaluation Center (TEC) has certified Logility Voyager Solutions following an extensive, independent analysis of the supply chain management suite. Read
7/7/2011 3:58:00 PM

Mercator Software Extends EAI Solutions for Insurance with XML
Mercator Software (which is changing its name from TSI International Software to reflect the name of its flagship product) has announced support within its “Integration Broker” products for both XML and EDI transactions based on the ACORD standard for the insurance industry.

BI SOLUTIONS BI: transformation company, announced new capabilities within its Mercator E-Business Integration Broker products that enable dramatic reductions in the time, cost and effort to integrate ACORD XML transactions with existing insurance applications. With new e-business data transformation support incorporating ACORD XML, customers will be able to accelerate the adoption of XML for business-to-business (B2B) exchange of insurance transactions, forms and documents. Combined with existing Mercator support for

Analysis of HP and Notable Solutions Inc. decision to Integrate Paper Documents Into Microsoft Knowledge Management and Messaging Applications
System integration is relatively painless due to the 9100c's ability to connect to the network with a HP Jet Direct card and a simplified installation user interface.

BI SOLUTIONS BI: due to the 9100c s ability to connect to the network with a HP Jet Direct card and a simplified installation user interface. ABMSync is expected to be available in Europe and the US as of February 1st 2000. In addition to ABMSync, Nsi and HP have announced AutoStore. The AutoStore product automatically indexes paper documents that are sent from the HP Digital Sender, administrators can configure AutoStore to route documents to the Exchange Database of choice. User Recommendations Companies dealing with

BI Hits the Road II » The TEC Blog
the integration of mobile BI solutions into the business software mainstream, two major challenges must be overcome: 1.    Security . As with other technologies, mobile BI solutions will have to overcome technical issues as well as concerns on the security of the data during the mobile BI process—i.e., in the transportation of data from the server to the mobile device, reinforcing the confidence of decision makers in using sensitive information on their mobile devices for analysis and

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