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Best of breed versus Suite Anti-spyware
The anti-spyware industry is going in two separate directions. First, there are suite products that come with other security applications, along with anti

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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » av what anti spyware

The Art of Software Selection: What Would Buddha Do?
“Truth is one; paths are many.” - H. H. Sri Swami SatchidanandaBuddhism and software selection. Say what? Yes, you read that correctly. As an “aspiring

av what anti spyware  your company, you must have a clear understanding of what it is you’re looking for. By identifying your needs and creating a detailed graphical model of how your company conducts business (better known as business process modeling, or BPM), you will begin to see the bigger picture. 2. Right intention . What is the reason behind your decision to purchase a new enterprise solution? Is it because you want to get with the times and have the latest technology the market has to offer? Is it because you want Read More
Why and What You Should Know About KWI
It is all about the customer experience, as every retailer knows, and enabling a real-time cloud-based mobile platform can help them provide true seamless

av what anti spyware  per transaction, while the average dollars per transaction was 20 percent greater in mobile transactions. This was greater than what anyone expected, and has been a real game changer for KWI Mobile customers.   At the recent NRF 2014 show, KWI went a step further and announced the acquisition of the source code and associated patents licenses for the KWI Cloud9 Mobile POS platform from VeriFone. KWI’s choice to integrate the Global Bay mPOS and toolkit into the KWI Cloud 9 product offering, in fact Read More
What is SRFM?
The planning, execution and partner collaboration processes of nearly all companies today are driven by a

av what anti spyware  of supply and demand, leaves companies facing actual circumstances that differ from those planned for. Firefighting ensues—e-mails, voice mails, renegotiations, spreadsheet work-arounds. Stress is placed on relationships, and performance fails to live up to expectations. What can be done? We can continue to hope for and to work toward better forecasts and plans. But forecasts will never be perfect as long as there are factors that impact our business which are outside our control. Which is to say Read More
What Makes Process Process?
The systems dealing with manufacturing, inventory, procurement, and customer order management systems are among the systems that often prove to be the hardest

av what anti spyware  products, and others, often have unique requirements not addressed by most technology providers. Not all areas of technology reflect the uniqueness of a process business. While financial systems have few requirements not in common with all companies, operational systems often have many issues. The systems dealing with manufacturing, inventory, procurement, and customer order management systems are among the systems that often prove to be the hardest to acquire due to the unique issues of the process Read More
Sales Tax Compliance and the CFO: What Automation Means for Risk Management
It’s time C-level executives take a closer look at how sales tax is managed within their organizations. This report highlights what finance and accounting

av what anti spyware  Tax Compliance and the CFO: What Automation Means for Risk Management It’s time C-level executives take a closer look at how sales tax is managed within their organizations. This report highlights what finance and accounting professionals know (and don’t know) about managing sales tax, and more importantly, why risk of non-compliance is more important in this legislative climate. This report draws upon a recent study by Wakefield Research, which investigates what leading and emerging companies in Read More
E-Procurement in What Language?
PeopleSoft recently announced general availability of eProcurement 2.0. The latest release touts multi-language and multi-currency capabilities powered by XML

av what anti spyware  April, PeopleSoft announced general availability of PeopleSoft eProcurement 2.0, a PeopleSoft e-business application providing access to B2B trading exchanges. PeopleSoft eProcurement 2.0 supports large multinational organizations with numerous suppliers by offering multi-organization functionality, enhanced workflow, multi-currency and multi-language capabilities. PeopleSoft eProcurement 2.0 extends enterprise systems to B2B exchanges and the Commerce One Global Trading Web. The PeopleSoft solution Read More
What Can PLM Offer for SMBs?
Recently I attended a product lifecycle management (PLM) seminar hosted by PTC and its North American Windchill Partner of the Year award-winner BRT Solutions

av what anti spyware  build their PLM systems. Having worked with SMBs on various PLM projects, I totally agree with the step-by-step approach proposed by PTC. In the discrete manufacturing sector, PLM tools such as CAD, CAE and CAM are usually the early PLM involvements that companies have. The use of these tools has changed the landscape of manufacturing during the past few decades, and some tools such as 3D CAD, previously considered high-end technologies, now have become more affordable for SMBs. PLM tools increase Read More
What to Expect from Your WMS
Today, companies are facing tougher competition and increasing service level requirements, all while balancing growth with shorter phase-in/phase-out cycles for

av what anti spyware  broad range of options available to adapt workflows to product properties, warehouse locations and equipment used. And you want to put all warehouses in the same system to take advantage of shared master data and still treat each facility as unique in terms of layout, workflows, resources and integrations. Verify and tune settings The WMS should include a multitude of triggering events and process monitors to make sure that the right tasks are prioritized and dispatched to the right user and equipment. Read More
AribaLIVE 2012: What Was Jolly Good (and What Could Improve) - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series analyzed the positive impressions from my attendance of the AribaLIVE 2012 user event. Still, while it might appear that Ariba is

av what anti spyware  to make them publicly available to other companies (even worse, to competitors) that did not invest in grooming them. Perhaps providing private groups and virtual private networks would be an option here? In general, Ariba must constantly improve its value prop so that its network members (especially suppliers) do not feel as though they are being “nickeled & dimed to death” after a certain amount of spend and transactions. For its part, the Force.com -based contract management solution, Ariba Contrac Read More
What If They Shipped an OS and Nobody Came?
With six weeks remaining before the announced shipment date for Microsoft's Windows 2000 operating system, there are but a few applications

av what anti spyware  the small number of available applications certified to run with the operating system is causing some IT managers concern. Today, only five applications are certified to run on Windows 2000 Professional, and only one on the Server version. While Microsoft officials in Redmond, Wash., say that number should grow to about 40 applications for Professional by the time the operating system ships on Feb. 17, that is still far fewer than certification programs for other operating systems. Lack of certification Read More
What Do Companies Want from an ERP System?
In the new TEC 2011 Market Survey Report: What Organizations Want in ERP for Discrete Manufacturing, you'll learn the top priorities of manufacturi...

av what anti spyware  find—but now you can have it at your fingertips. Follow this link to a Preview Edition of the 2011 Market Survey Report: What Organizations Want in ERP for Discrete Manufacturing , answer a few simple questions, and you'll receive a free PDF copy of the full report immediately.   For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: +1 514-954-3665, ext.367. Special Offer Files 2011 Read More
My System Is Trying to Communicate With Me! What Do I Do?
What you should not do is ignore whatever you see on the screen. If you don’t trust computers, remember that they were created and programmed by humans like you

av what anti spyware  your neck, No to avoid it, and Cancel to ignore this message.” Well, business systems warn you that you are about to do something important and ask you to confirm your actions. This only happens when those actions can have a serious impact on the system, like voiding invoices, exporting hundreds of orders, or doing an inventory count. So start by carefully reading the question or the warning. Your answer will very much depend on that. Speaking of answers, you must understand your options very well. It Read More
Anti-spam Technology: The Rule-based Approach
So you think you just need to be able to block spam? Think again. When it comes to anti-spam, detection is important. But so is management. You also need to

av what anti spyware   Read More
Missing PDF Fonts: Why It Happens and What You Can Do About It
Fonts are the essential elements of any portable document format (PDF) file, but are often taken for granted by most readers. But what if you are a developer

av what anti spyware  to describe how pages behave and what type of information a document could contain. Years later, the PDF would encompass complex features and functionalities such as search capabilities, audio, and even video. On July 1, 2008, PDF became an open standard published by ISO as ISO 32000-1: 2008. PDF Structure PDFs are essentially collections of data objects organized in a hierarchical manner that describe how one or more pages in a document must be displayed. These data objects can describe a page, a Read More
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