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Blue Zebra
Established in 1999, Blue Zebra provides consulting services and software products to businesses large and small. The company's Blueprint product suite is

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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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PGP Consulting
PGP Consulting is a group of professional consultants specializing in business process improvement, and in the selection of technology solutions. PGP

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Debunking the Myths Surrounding Computer-based Scheduling
To expedite planning production, many companies have gone the way of integration with a manufacturing resource planning (MRP) or enterprise resource planning

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Medical Device Manufacturer Manages Efficient Operation with Sage ERP X3
UreSil, a manufacturer of specialized health care products, feared its legacy manufacturing resource planning (MRP) software was hindering efficiency and

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Expert’s Guide to Successful MRP Projects
To succeed in their tasks, planners and schedulers rely on materials resource planning (MRP) software to make recommendations and send signals. To make

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Interview with Michael McGrath, CEO, i2 Technologies
The former CEO and co-founder of PRTM is a keen observer of management cycles and philosophies. As he takes over the helm at i2, Michael McGrath talks about how

apa itu sistem mrp  around this new generation capability. SH: And how do you see this translating into a product strategy? MM: The product strategy is fundamentally built around a couple of concepts or themes here. One is the idea of solutions instead of application software. So i2 is rolling out a whole new series of solutions that provide predefined integration, the underlying applications necessary to support the customized workflows, best-practice process definitions, etc., so that a company can take a solution like Read More
Supporting the Lean Value Stream with Technology Solutions
In today’s manufacturing environment, suppliers and manufacturers alike need to be highly selective when choosing an enterprise resource planning vendor to

apa itu sistem mrp  supply chain, and be capable of supporting the activities that take the product from concept to design, through production and ultimately into the hands of the consumer. By employing an ERP system that has the capability to communicate both within the four walls of the factory as well as externally to the customer’s entire supply base, the manufacturer can eliminate waste from the supply chain and also from the entire value stream. Important elements of the Lean enterprise include: Planned procurement p Read More
Inventory Management Technology Strategies for Distribution
Inventory has been—and continues to be—the lifeblood of the distribution marketplace. While many companies are slow to adopt new strategies and technologies, a

apa itu sistem mrp  transportation time, cost, and capacity constraints. Nevertheless, given globalization and dynamic customer requirements, it is concerning that 40% of distribution companies are looking at their network design only once every two to five years. One reason is the lack of adoption or slow movement toward tools in this area. What Are Distribution Companies Doing Within Network Design? Distribution companies are focusing on the following priorities associated with network design: Rethinking inventory placemen Read More
Successful Manufacturing in a Competitive Market
Order-driven manufacturers@those who engineer-to-order (ETO), assemble-to-order (ATO), and make-to-order (MTO)@face numerous challenges. To stay competitive

apa itu sistem mrp  Speed of Implementation Integration Capabilities Order-driven manufacturers will likely see increasing global competitive pressure, advances in technologies and changing requirements from demanding customers. These trends and pressure from within the organization to grow profitably while reducing costs will continue. With a solid strategy and focus, order-driven manufacturers can leverage these factors with the right ERP solution and gain a competitive advantage in today's marketplace. About Jobscope Read More
Set Yazilim
Enterprise Resource Scheduling (ERP) came into use as a result of the Material Resource Scheduling (MRP) System's insufficient fulfillment of companies' needs

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WorkWise's eWarehouse provides Groschopp with added control of the entire life cycle of its inventory
Groschopp initially purchased TCM in 1994 and subsequently expanded its usage to over 40 TCM licensed users and 12 data collection users. Groschopp has

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Advanced Planning and Scheduling: A Critical Part of Customer Fulfillment
The face of business is rapidly evolving from traditional brick-and-mortar facades to electronic ones. While web businesses spend considerable effort in

apa itu sistem mrp  region, technology, etc. Fixed capacity requirements Capacity cannot be added when operating at maximum levels Must optimize existing capacity Geographically dispersed manufacturing and distribution operations Complicated supply chains Operations can extend to multiple plants, warehouses, distribution centers and cross international borders Discrete manufacturing characteristics Short product, component life cycles place pressure on throughput Component and sub-assemblies can also be sold as end products Read More
Case Study: Best Foam Fabricators
As a supplier to the automotive industry, Best Foam Fabricators often needed to expedite parts to customers to fill orders. This meant the company was spending

apa itu sistem mrp  sets Global Shop Solutions apart from all other ERP software systems? Global Shop also offers a unique 16-point Checklist for Success to ensure that you receive the maximum return on your investment. Source: Global Shop Solutions Resources Related to Case Study: Best Foam Fabricators : Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (Wikipedia) Case Study: Best Foam Fabricators Global Shop ERP Software is also known as : ERP Software , One-system ERP Software Global Shop Solutions , Global Shop Solutions Enterprise Read More
ERP Industry Consolidation: A New Trend or an Ongoing Process?
Although enterprise resource planning (ERP) software industry consolidation is nothing new, the constantly changing market dynamic affects product lifecycles

apa itu sistem mrp  The Consolidator Vendors The capabilities of the larger consolidating ERP vendors can be a both a blessing and a curse. Advantageously, their general multi-market segment is broad in modules offered, industries served, countries supported and perceived staffing levels. However, they also have overhead associated with integration and support of consolidated ERP products and are challenged with product direction decisions which may be counter to the original vendor's plans and the customer's. The challenge Read More
Process versus Discrete ERP Systems
Sorting out the differences between the two main types of manufacturing software can be mind-boggling for companies when searching for an ERP system. Companies

apa itu sistem mrp  all the needed operation capabilities. For example, the demonstration may only show how the system can use raw materials and create finished goods, and leave out the multiple levels of creating a finished good that are often needed for process manufacturing. Demonstrations of a discrete package often leave out information pertaining to laboratory research and development, quality assurance, or compliance reporting because discrete software typically isn't capable of those functions. Demonstrations may Read More

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