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How One Provider's Solution Covers the Bases of Price Optimization and Management
What are the solutions that enable Zilliant's customers to gain a better understanding of their markets' price response and translate this into more profitable

aggregation taps  TM and Dynamic Data Aggregation TM ( DDA ). To learn more about Zilliant and its offerings, please see What if Companies Could Use Science to Align Prices to Market and Maximize Margins? and How One Vendor Parlays Price Variation into Profit Improvement Opportunities . Zilliant Precision Pricing Suite ( ZPPS ) combines proprietary pricing science with analytics and workflow automation to support the pricing process continuously throughout the four sales phases: price segmentation, price analysis or Read More

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) criteria cover tags and storage devices, readers, wireless hubs and servers, and the middleware necessary for evaluating an RFID system deployment. RFID sys...
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The Roaring Penguin Training Network
A recent paper presented evidence that Bayesian filtering could be effective using a shared Bayes database, even among hundreds or thousands of different users.

aggregation taps  a signature set. 6 Aggregation and Download Those signature sets that survive the quality assurance phase are aggregated and dumped to a CSV file. The file is compressed with bzip2, signed with gpg and made available for CanIt installations to download. When a CanIt installation notices a new RPTN data set available (indicated with a special DNS lookup), it downloads the aggregated statistics, verifies the GPG signature, uncompresses the file, and loads the statistics into the Bayes database. The Read More
Linking Planning and Execution Systems for Retailers’ Nirvana--Improved Visibility and Fulfillment
Linking an APS to an ERP system, although simple in principle and worth the trouble, is nonetheless a major integration project.

aggregation taps  complex order processes and aggregation of orders across multiple channels. Companies like Target , Best Buy , Circuit City, DHL , etc. are all customers using Yantra's product. For example, when the customer is ready to order, may it be in-store, at a Circuit City, even at a partner's Web site or over the phone, the Store of Tomorrow is designed to present inventory and fulfillment options based on information from every store, distribution center and fulfillment partner. Here, sourcing is optimized Read More
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System RFI/RFP Template
Content Authoring, Content Acquisition, Content Aggregation, Output and Content Presentation, Workflow Management, Version Control and Management, Development

aggregation taps  Authoring Content Acquisition Content Aggregation Output and Content Presentation Workflow Management Version Control and Management Development Tool Technical Architecture Portal Support Document and Records Management Search and Indexing Management Security Management Digital Asset Management Reporting and Statistics Management Performance Backup and Recovery Product Technology This functional and technical requirement set template covers industry-standard functional criteria of Enterprise Content Read More
Made2Manage Affirms Its Technological Astuteness Part 2: Strategy
During the last few years, Made2Manage has evolved from a vendor of traditional MRP/ERP software to a provider of ‘one-stop-shop’ enterprise business

aggregation taps   Read More
Bite-sized Apps-A New Trend in Enterprise Software
TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic reviews the latest offerings from UNIT4 and SYSPRO, which appear to mark a new trend in enterprise software—small

aggregation taps  role-based offering with data aggregation, analysis and decision making, and reporting. In other words, these solutions have been given much more forethought—they are not just simplistic extension apps tossed together in a couple hours and published on the store directory. UNIT4’s analytical solutions follow the rapid-deployment thinking of SAP ’s Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) , which are fixed-price, fixed-scope solutions with virtually any functional scope (not necessarily in the BI space). Of Read More
How Biometrics in ERP Can Enable Cost Savings and Increase Operational Efficiencies
One technology that is currently flying under the radar in the manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) space is biometrics. Biometric solutions aren’t

aggregation taps  Biometrics in ERP Can Enable Cost Savings and Increase Operational Efficiencies One technology that is currently flying under the radar in the manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) space is biometrics. Biometric solutions aren’t currently getting as much press as say the cloud or big data. But, when properly integrated with an ERP system, biometrics can help an organization reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. And best of all, a company doesn’t need a huge budget to take Read More
USinternetworking and AT&T are Working the System
USinternetworking and AT&T begin rollout of alliance in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

aggregation taps  and AT&T are Working the System USinternetworking and AT&T are Working the System A. Turner - May 11, 2000 Event Summary On April 20, 2000, USinternetworking, Inc. (USi, Nasdaq: USIX), a leading Application Service Provider (ASP) and AT&T (NYSE: T) announced the launch of their joint marketing and technology agreement in the D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia area. The companies are jointly marketing and delivering ASP services to mid-market, high-growth and large companies. As a core Read More
e-Procurement Is Not Electronic Purchasing
This is the transcript of an Audio Conference on e-procurement conducted by TEC during which brief case studies of how companies have improved inventory turns

aggregation taps  What about the catalog? Aggregation of multiple suppliers into a common view has three challenges - Supplier Ability, Product Ability and Customer Willingness to Commit Resources. Connection to multiple supplier technology systems through the corporate firewall(s) and with multiple protocols. Catalog Item price and availability update automation. Handling Personalized items such as Jackets, Mugs and Note Pads. Custom Catalog Items such as the Corporate Holiday Season Greeting Card, telephone directories Read More
The New Web Experience: More than an Extension to WCM?
That membrane between your business and the online world—your Web site—is expected to be so permeable and malleable these days that web content management (WCM)

aggregation taps  Content Acquisition   Content Aggregation   Output and Content Presentation   Workflow Management   Version Control and Management   Security Management   Product Technology and Support We’ve made a minor update to our model this year (you can get a template of the functionality here ), but even with more than 700 criteria in all those categories, it is likely that we haven’t yet addressed all the functionality provided in the WEM space. That said, in what way does WEM functionality come to bear Read More
Enterprise Energy Management Software - The Key to Effective Energy Utilization
Energy purchasing has become increasingly complex as a result of deregulation. The deregulated market provides more suppliers and more options for supply

aggregation taps  be capable of enterprise aggregation. Since EEM software uses data that resides in other systems, it should easily connect to disparate data sources and associated energy management collection mechanisms. Data collection can generate tremendous volumes of traffic that could prove burdensome on an enterprise's WAN. Look for systems that can leverage the Internet to collect data from monitoring locations. Finally, EEM software should be able to provide predictive capabilities based on future energy usage Read More
The Demand-Driven Supply Chain and Demantra
Demand-driven supply chains focus on pulling demand and maximizing effectiveness and profitability while traditional supply chains push products and create

aggregation taps  at varying levels of aggregation and calculate recommended safety stocks by factoring in forecast error, customer service-levels and lead times. Lowering the forecast error substantially has had a direct impact on reducing the safety stock levels. Gulistan's results include: 25% reduction in inventory with no decrease in customer service 40% improvement in forecast accuracy Capability to forecast down to the SKU level Recommendations Enterprises with complex products and supply chains and those with Read More
With New Clothes and Hairdo, Clarus Asks for Pin Money
Clarus Corporation, having unloaded all of its back-end software business, is asking the market to fund its new life as an E-procurement vendor.

aggregation taps  services, and other content aggregation tools. It provides a direct connection between buyer and supplier without requiring transactions to be executed through a centralized trading portal. Their trading network, SupplierUniverse, performs the value-added trading services delivered by centralized trading portals, including content management and auction capabilities, while eliminating the transaction fees of those portals. The company claims that this avoids scalability limitations, which they believe are Read More
The Retail Battleground for Pricing Management
The imperative to respond to constantly-evolving customer requirements more efficiently is driving retailers to look at applications giants to provide

aggregation taps  Retail Battleground for Pricing Management The Retail Battleground for Pricing Management To further move its position in the retail market space, SAP acquired privately-held Khimetrics last November. Khimetrics is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based (US) provider of enterprise software solutions that allow retailers to analyze how to price and position items to boost margins and optimize demand; to deliver more accurate, profitability forecasts; and to implement long-term sales strategies that promote Read More
Emptoris: Opening a New Chapter of Prosperity - Part 1
Good news is scarce these days across the board, and I am always keen on reporting on rare bullish enterprise applications businesses, especially if the

aggregation taps  as follow: Categorized Demand Aggregation – This phase targets early wins on apparent high-value items (low hanging fruit) that typically represent 10 to 15 percent of the total spend.  Estimated savings range between 5 and 15 percent, and this process should be repeated (reviewed) every 1 to 2 years Indirect and Selected Direct Materials – This phase targets supplier rationalization across geographic regions and sourcing categories. Estimated savings range between 10 and 20 percent, and this Read More

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