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Consumer Preference and Privacy Management: Gain a Competitive Edge by Empowering Your Customers

Brands that treat customers as individuals are gaining marketshare in today’s consumer-centric world. Enable customers to tell you how they want you to communicate with them, the products and services that interest them most, and how they want you to use—or not use—their information. The results will be trust and loyalty that lead to increased revenue for your brand.

To achieve this highly personalized level of engagement, brands need the ability to collect consumer choices at all touchpoints,... Read More

Tight Security Unlocks Customer Identity Data's Full Value

Identity data can be a tremendous asset for brands. Beyond contact and payment information, it chronicles the history of your interactions with each customer—data that can help you enrich your customers’ lives through convenience and relevance. But with high-profile data breaches frequently making headlines, no other asset holds as much potential to become a liability. Concerns about data security and consumer privacy can undermine your efforts to use data to engage with customers in personalized... Read More

Top 5 Mega Trends Driving Digital Transformation

Five mega trends are rapidly altering the ways in which customers engage with brands, and they are fueling the urgency for businesses to adopt digital business strategies. As consumers turn to the digital world to meet their day-to-day needs, businesses are positioning themselves and their technology infrastructures to meet the demand for online and mobile customer interactions.

In this e-book, read about the most significant trends, and the main thing they all share—they all leverage... Read More

Unlocking Human Potential through Human Capital Alignment

Most businesses have invested in an arsenal of strategic and operational tools to deliver sustained corporate productivity. Their investments in structure, process, and systems yield benefits in the near term but for some companies, this advantage levels off fairly quickly.

Clearly, organizations need a new engagement model to build business agility and sustain productivity. Companies need to recognize, cultivate, and channel the inner motivation of individual workers as a source of organizational... Read More

How to Build a Business Case for Your HCM's Investment

With the pressure of global competition, a dearth of talent, and teetering employer-employee relationships due to constant change in the business environment, organizations today must regard their human capital as an asset deserving of continual investment. To receive organization-wide endorsement and financial approval for new investments in a strategic human resources (HR) solution requires a thorough business case that pinpoints all the costs, potential benefits, and even project risks.

This... Read More

3 Insider Perspectives on Removing the Roadblocks to an Effortless Customer Experience

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The complexity of today’s contact center is at an all-time high with a future indicating more channels to manage, increased customer expectations to fulfill, and a need for a frontline workforce that is, by no means, “entry level.” That doesn’t mean providing an effortless customer experience is impossible, it just means that you need to be ready to handle whatever comes your way. Creating an effortless customer experience requires insider knowledge from three key stakeholders:

When CRM Meets the Contact Center: Improving Business Outcomes End to End

As midsize companies look for a competitive edge in an increasingly global marketplace, one approach that can deliver measurable results is to integrate customer relationship management (CRM) tools with contact center applications and services for a deep 360-degree view of the customer, tracking every interaction to ensure an optimal customer experience.

Frost & Sullivan research shows that today, only about one-third of contact centers are fully integrated, while the largest proportion... Read More

CIO Insight—5 Ways Mid-Market Companies Gain Agility Using a Cloud Contact Center

For most companies, the challenge of serving people and providing better service is forcing a re-evaluation of their contact centers to improve customer experiences. In fact, 92 percent of companies view customer experience as one of their top priorities.1

For midsize companies, the burden of providing superior customer service is even greater. Midsize companies represent the healthiest sector of the economy, responsible for almost half of global job growth. While these growing... Read More

10 Considerations in Moving to the Cloud

Is the cloud right for your contact center?

As more contact centers embrace a cloud deployment model, there are many service and solution choices along with functionality and capabilities to sift through to determine the best fit.

This e-book identifies key considerations for moving to a cloud-based contact center, including:

  • Cultural fit
  • Accessibility to reference customers
  • Technology, partners, integration and customization
  • Business... Read More

The Virtual Contact Center: An Essential Guide to Transform Your Customer Experience

How to select, design, and implement a virtual contact center

What is a virtual contact center? A virtual contact center (VCC) is a cloud-based contact center that delivers call routing, interactive voice response (IVR), and computer telephony integration (CTI) to empower businesses to create an optimal customer experience (CX).

To help you decide if a VCC is right for you, this e-book covers the following:

  • a needs assessment
  • implementation... Read More
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