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2015 Gartner Report: Critical Capabilities for Contact Center Infrastructure

Contact center infrastructure evaluations remain technically complex processes. This challenge is further complicated by the different requirements for omnichannel, high availability and integration as part of a customer engagement center (CEC).

Get this report now to learn:

• Gartner's 8 Critical Capabilities for evaluating contact center infrastructure
• How top 16 vendors have scored on the 8 Critical Capabilities
• 3 Use cases that reflect most decisions organizations... Read More

IBM Predictive Analytics Solutions for Education: Empower Your Institution to Make the Right Decision Every Time

  • Source: IBM
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Decision management software helps educators at all levels make the right decisions at the right time in dealing with a number of critical challenges that they face.  Read More

Analytics for Achievement: Understand Success and Boost Performance in Primary and Secondary Education

  • Source: IBM
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Learn how analytics are helping educators measure and monitor student success, report results, and plan financial strategies to maximize budgets. Read More

Commercial Credit Analytics: A Path to Higher Productivity and Improved Credit Outcomes

  • Source: IBM
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In order to thrive, commercial banks need to excel at four activities: gathering deposits, lending money, managing credit risk, and managing operational risk. Of these, managing commercial credit risk can easily be seen as the most difficult. Specifically, the cost-effective management of commercial credit risk includes two significant challenges. The first is cyclicality; the economic downturns that cause credit deteriorations, though inevitable, are notoriously difficult to identify and rarely... Read More

Contact Center Modernization: A Cloud-Based Approach Delivers Clear Value for Mid-Size Organizations

Companies that focus on the customer experience will see increased loyalty, lower customer effort scores, and bigger revenue growth, and they will have an easier time staying compliant with company policies and regulations. But to achieve those gains, they must deploy a truly modern contact center that supports advanced applications and analytics, as well as remote agents, internal employee experts, and the scalability needs of growing organizations.

This white paper outlines the benefits... Read More

Multi-Channel Customer Experience: The Next Battleground for Mid-Size Businesses

A multi-channel contact center will allow customers to contact the organization on their own terms, enable the delivery of a personalized, integrated and consistent customer experience, lower customer effort scores, and apply analytics to the resulting data to shape strategy and product roadmaps, improve marketing campaigns, shrink times to satisfaction, and drive sales.

This paper discusses the changing nature of the customer experience, outlines the need for and benefits of a multi-channel... Read More

5 Critical Requirements for a Future-Ready Contact Center

Is your contact center future ready? It may not be a comfortable question, but nevertheless necessary to ask yourself: does your contact center infrastructure have the flexibility to readily support new paths of customer communication? Are you easily able to add new channels, or do you break into a sweat just thinking about it? At the core of the issue, your infrastructure may be based on technology that is dated from back in the day when customer contact was synonymous with a phone call.

Today,... Read More

Words with Colleagues: Definitions of Multiple Channel Terms Used in Self-Service

In today’s business market, professionals need to know more buzzwords than ever before. Add to this the many business-related terms that seem interchangeable but really are not, and it’s easy to be confused about the exact meanings of related terms.

As an example, how do you describe using multiple channels to deliver self-service? What’s the difference between multi-channel and omni-channel? Between multi-modal and multi-channel?

This eBook from Genesys shares examples and case... Read More

From Old School to Next-Gen IVR: Refreshed IVR as the Cornerstone to Optimal Customer Service

For decades, interactive voice response (IVR) has been the front door to the enterprise. An effective IVR system can contribute significantly to a stellar customer service experience. However, many businesses have ignored these systems and have allowed them to slip into an antiquated state.

IVR does not have to be a fading front door to your business. In fact, it can be a vibrant multi-functional component of an omnichannel customer experience.

This white paper from Frost & Sullivan... Read More

Mobile Engagement Delivers Great Customer Experiences: Helping Brands Win Lifetime Customers

Mobile and the Internet are the most important communications phenomena of our lifetimes. With 4.55 billion mobile users worldwide driving 6.9 billion mobile subscriptions, consumers are more mobile than ever before. All this access to mobility is part of the reason that the attention span of buyers is dwindling, and the channels for customer interaction are multiplying.

This white paper explores essential mobile messaging strategies that focus on engaging the customer at key moments in... Read More
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