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PBX VoIP Systems

Source: GetVoIP.com
The VoIP industry offers a number of different services, features, and options. Among the various services and systems is the private branch exchange (PBX) system, depicting a system’s hardware where an incoming call is forwarded, transferred, or otherwise routed to another extension, etc. But BPM systems can differ in mode of service. Read this paper and know the benefits and drawbacks of three different PBX options.

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Comparing Options for Office 365 Mobility Management

Enterprises are adopting Microsoft Office 365 in greater numbers. As part of deploying Office 365, information technology (IT) teams are re-evaluating how they secure mobile access to email and apps as the data moves into the cloud. This guide provides a comparison between the free solutions offered by Microsoft and Okta for mobility management of Office 365 apps and data. Read this eGuide to learn more about the differences between Microsoft MDM and Okta Mobility Management for Office 365.

Solving the O365 Mobility Puzzle

If you're migrating from an existing on-premise Exchange environment—or setting up Office 365 for a new set of users—you'll need to address how to handle users accessing Office 365 from mobile devices. Read this eGuide now to discover how you can simplify the migration and deployment process around Office 365 to mobile devices.

Office 365 Adoption eGuide: Identity and Mobility Challenges

Microsoft made a massive push to the cloud in 2014, and as a result Office 365 is taking off. However, Office 365 is unlike any other cloud app in its complexity. Read this eGuide to learn how information technology (IT) can eliminate the identity and mobility management challenges that accompany an Office 365 migration.

How to Evaluate and Implement a Multi-CDN Strategy

Running a global high-performance Web platform has never been more challenging. Web operators must contend with tuning site delivery to perform equally well from Beijing to Boston. Site owners must also deal with accelerating device proliferation and social media-induced traffic spikes.

This white paper looks at Cedexis’ perspective on the state of content and application delivery platforms, as well as best practices for establishing a content delivery network (CDN) ecosystem.

100 Percent Application Availability Using Hybrid Cloud Architectures

Hybrid Cloud orchestration is the active management of a cloud-aware application across multiple content and hosting environments, including combinations of public and private resources. Unlike their traditional counterparts, cloud-aware applications can be optimized in real time to adapt to changes in usage, traffic, and resource contention. Such application architectures correct around network, bare-metal server, cloud, and platform outages.

This white paper looks at the strengths of using a hybrid cloud solution for efficient monitoring and response to network and application issues.